How To Make Essential Oils

Essential oils are the basis of aromatherapy. How to make essential oils or to go from plants to something you can use involves an extraction process. Oils can be taken from different parts of a plant, depending on the species and what part yields the most usable oil. It maybe the leaves, flowers, stem.

how-to-make-essential-oilThrough distillation the ingredients are transformed into an oil which then can be diffused into the air or applied to the body through a massage. The application of the oil helps to alleviate many mental and physical discomforts.

Many essential oils can be purchased. However, if you enjoy learning a new hobby and wish to be creative then an instruction on how to make essential oils may prove to be beneficial. When learning how to make essential oils it is important to follow a number of steps. These steps include the gathering of the product, the various ingredients and supplies needed, and the creation steps to be followed.


An instruction on how to make essential oils begins with the gathering of the ingredients. These ingredients can be flowers or herbs that may be found in a typical garden. Or, the ingredients may be purchased from flower shops or the local grocery store.

In addition to the actual herb or flower selected to make the essential oil there is another ingredient required. That additional ingredient as part of the process on how to make essential oils includes the use of a carrier oil. A carrier oil is the neutral oil that is needed to embody the aroma from the flower or herb. A carrier oil can be grape seed oil, almond oil, wheat germ oil, etc.

Ingredients And Supplies

An instruction step on how to make essential oils also includes the gathering of the proper ingredients and supplies. Ingredients include a half cup of carrier oil along with the flowers or herbs that you have selected to make the essential oil. If flowers are chosen they should be tightly packed into the measuring container. When herbs are used, the quantity should be measured at a quarter of a cup. Eventually, to make a sufficient supply of the essential oil, a total quantity of 4 cups of cut flowers or 1 cup of herbs will be required.

In addition to the ingredients required, there are certain supplies that will help facilitate the process on how to make essential oils. Those supplies include plastic bags that can be ziplocked, a pounding device such as a hammer or wooden kitchen mallet, two glass jars that are wide at the mouth, a funnel, cheesecloth, and a container to put the essential oil in. This container should be dark in color such as the cobalt blue or amber colored bottle.

Preparation Steps

how-to-make-essential-oilThe final and probably most important step in learning how to make essential oils is the preparation process. This preparation process begins with the placing of the flowers or herbs into the plastic bag. This bag should be tapped lightly with the wooden mallet or hammer. Once this step has been accomplished transfer the contents of the plastic bag to the large jar and pour in the oil. Shake the jar to ensure that the ingredients are saturated with the carrier oil. The liquid should be then strained over the second bottle using the cheesecloth. Once accomplished those ingredients should be discarded.

This process should be repeated over the next three days utilizing the same process and the same quantities of herbs or flowers. Once the entire process is complete transfer the essential oil into the darkened glass containers.

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