Hair straightening brush: what is the best

You have become familiar with best hair straightening brush reviews like Dafni or Apalus which gives the overwhelming result. But what can you do if such brands are a bit pricey for you? Thanks to Amazon which includes versatile quality and price options, please look through all affordable variants there. I came across one brush which attracts my attention due to true lady color – pink – and cute design in general.

Let’s explore Dasky brush’s characteristics widely and find out will it be suitable for you.

Producer gives unbelievable paradise picture of super straight, radiant and brilliant hair locks within two times less than other producers. Low level of set temperature says about the absence of damage to strands. And the price was so attractive and affordable, so I started to look through respective feedbacks from ladies who had purchased it earlier.

I discovered that this brush is not so perfect and what exactly wrong with that comb, you are invited to know the following facts:

  1. From plenty of left review and feedbacks, half of them put negative assessments. It is quite frightening rate, right? Cheap cost doesn’t mean good quality, even vice versa.
  2. In accordance with description Dasky comb should provide you with three versatile functions. In the beginning, it is able to massage your scalp gently, then it should reduce any tangles during straightening process and finally, your looks become glamorous, radiant and naturally brilliant. What can we see from ladies feedbacks? There is a lack of required heat up in order to manage with naturally wavy hair. Some time while the comb is heating up you should wait, so the process is not two times faster as it was mentioned by the producer. Some ladies claim that there are some frizzes and split ends as received result and it made them unsatisfied.
  3. Other complaints were around clean condition, wrapping box and instruction. One woman found a piece of glue which was burnt at a time of exploitation, another lady got the box without the brand on it. And last fun and miserable fact about amateurish translation from Chinese of the respective guide.

Please be aware of all above claims and complaint which put you off from cheap purchases and paradise promises from the producer. Quality material like ceramic should cost more, but it gives you certainty in the gorgeous result of brilliant hair without damages and burns. So your better choice lies between such brands like FemJolie, Dafni or Apalus. You will never regret about their proposal.

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