Essential Oil Distiller: Best Method For Getting High Grade Oil

An essential oil distiller is the best way to extract oil from plants and preserve the plant properties and this is usually done by using steam. This is the same way that it has been done for many years and remains the most popular and reliable method.

This method requires an essential oil distiller that is especially geared for steam distillation and is usually made from grade borosilicate glass that is made for easy steam extraction of the essential oils from the plants, and even a non-chemist can do it at home while also getting only the purest essential oils in the bargain.

Getting Dry Steam Distillation Will Be Ideal


The steam essential oil distiller should be able to get dry steam distillation in the glass system, and when it is coupled with ground glass joints, you get an all glass essential oil distiller that does not have any hoses or rubber stoppers that will touch your product. In addition, such design also allows for avoiding the build-up of steam pressure in the distillation system, thus providing more safety as well as ensures that the distillation process takes place at the proper temperature, which is exactly one hundred degrees Celsius.

If the steam essential oil distiller also incorporates vertical design it will be able to cope with many of the problems associated with distilling since the biomass flask will remain dry and there will not be any condensation of boiling water since there are separate flasks used when boiling and for biomass, which will insure that there is no overheating or burning of the plant.


A good essential oil distiller should also be able to trap as much as 20mL of heavier than water oils, or lighter than water oils, and at the same time drain away unwanted condensed water so that the whole distillation is begun and proceeds without outside interference.

You may want to select the proper essential oil distiller according to its size, and there is the two-liter kit available that can make for the perfect system to make your own steam distilled essential oils, or you can use the larger thirty-three liter and eighty-five gallon steam essential oil distiller as per your requirements. There are also the larger Biomass sizes such as the ten liter ones to choose from, which are available for about seven hundred dollars. If you want to spend less, then the five-liter bioflask would cost just eighty-five dollars.

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