Metaphors passed in wildlife

Personnel exchanges are a closet, the key to which is best communicated. Those who understand that good communication is a good art, they constantly cultivate their artistic skills. In particular, they possess both large brush strokes and even narrower lines that are produced with regular penis brushes. Several people even know how to use a conditioner air brush.


Here is another metaphor that you need to consider when it comes to reaction. It's a gift that allows another person to continue growing. Here are tips on providing tips on whether you want to make suggestions for a family member, co-chair, or friend.

– Exchange Purpose:

– If possible, prepare for that goal.

– Decide the correct message, the right time, the right place.

– Inconsistent humor, sarcasm or respectful comments.

– create a comfortable atmosphere.

– reach the point as fast as you can.

– Make the most important information as soon as possible.

– Taking into account the feedback feedback, from time to time, first of all, listen to feedback when there is no recipient.

– Be the body.

– Excursions.

– Goodbye.

– Get factual, non-judge, statements.

– Specific examples are ready to explain your point.

– Keep the exchange focused on the most important issues.

– Show anxiety for the well-being of another person. Do not bring extremist situations on which people do not have control.

– Avoid escaping morality or comparing others with others.

– Check regularly to determine if the recipient understands / coincides with what you say.

– Make sure he is someone else's knowledge, ready, ready and available to support any next step.


Yem, another metaphor. The contact process is a two-way street. Just as you offer feedback to help others improve, your own improvement is partly due to your feedback. The following suggestions will help you optimize this process:

– Direct. Say that you want to hear from another person. If not, wait until you are sincere to your request.

– Do not worry, when the other is sharing his thoughts. Make notes that will help you remember the items you want to make. Avoid cutting the other.

– Questions are when the time is right to ensure that what understands the understanding, the other tries to deliver.

– Use the "bird's eye" and "worm and eye" approach. Sometimes a grossly indeterminate statement or a general comment will result in the information you need. At other times, you may need to ask a more detailed question, one that is closer to a metaphorical basis.

– Create regular times for return meetings if the diocese is important for your growth.

– Do not keep silent. Pauses often indicate that the other is looking for the best way of expressing a thought. Let him at that time.

– Well, protect. We all have some improvements that must be fulfilled. We are ultimately a man. But … if you get your opinion hostile, or if the speaker turns out to be anger, he offers a break or postpone exchange.

– Continue the action plan by specifying the steps you plan to perform and periodically meet for further feedback.

Union and department

To clarify Thomas Mann, the feedback, even the most emotionally charged, unites us. It is silence that often divides. Get to plan your backlash and act on your retirement plans. Use the progress and profit feedback process. The feedback is eventually a gift that continues to give and you have the key to unlock all the gifts in the pad.