Simplify and reduce the appearance of fine lines and spots of plant origin

It is inevitable that we are older, the more we will see fine lines and wrinkles that begin to appear on our face, starting from the legs of the crow in the eyes and gradually spreading to the rest of the face. Botox is a safe, simple and delicate attribute that remains in the area where it is injected and does not move in another body. Botox can treat many areas depending on your weather muscles when working.

Expression and Static Lines Impact Areas.

  • Frown Characters – We can know that in the course of time the deep lines between the eyebrows and the scratches become quite well-known. Frown rows can appear as two old thugs that sit between the eyebrows and sometimes referred to as N11. In order to stop this cycle, botox injections can relax the muscles that will also help to reduce the static box.
  • Destiny – We strive to obtain both expressive and static lines both horizontally and on our forehead. These wrinkles can dramatically aging your appearance, but the use of botox promotes the character and stop the area for excellent expression.
  • eyes – feet in the corner of the eye are noticeable for many people. Eyes are one of the most obvious areas for showing age, and it's a delicate field that should always choose an experienced, highly qualified practitioner to treat them. Eyes are one of the most common types of brucellosis treatment.
  • Bunny Lines – They are straight, small diagonal lines on both sides of the nose, under the bridge, which can be seen when we smile or laugh. They become apparent when we mock our nose or the natural process of aging.
  • Hard! – We have muscles that pull the eyebrows and muscles that raise their eyebrows. Botox injection is the ideal way to penetrate the muscles into the area of ​​the belt, as it calms the muscles we use for spitting and it eliminates the weight we naturally want to push.
  • The jaw line – botox can relax and reduce massive muscle in the jaw line near the ear. Botox injections can improve the area by giving it a smooth, heart-shaped jaw line to alleviate your lower face area.

This weakening of the muscles lasts for several months, the treated muscles gradually return to their original state. Botox gradually takes 3-6 months. The key to Bato's success is cunning. Increasing your face with careful and well-thought-out treatment, striving to give your face a refreshing, youthful appearance and avoid frozen or surprising looks. A well-trained, experienced specialist will always have to do that treatment because his face will work in such a subtle way.