It is a good line between the average line crisis and the terrorism

There is a point in the lives of people when the question is presented … "Why are you here, what should I do, and what makes me happy?" Some people say that thoughts and issues accumulated in the midst of a crisis of life, others say that when an elderly person gets older, others think that it's time to lose weight.

We see these issues from a variety of perspectives in our practice. The first area is when people are guided and have a clear idea of ​​what they want. True, they usually do not walk the front door, greet me, and say what they want to achieve. The process requires good questions to help them discover what is most important, but when they do, they are good in their way and do not look at it. For most people this is not a norm. Most people get "a life-jogging", go to school, get a job, get married, go home, and get married 20 years later and wonder how they have reached their present life. The question arises: "That's all there, is not it here to do more?"Some reach the level of financial comfort, success, or reputation, but they do not yet feel it or are done, have reached a point and are wondering if it is money that is making them happy, often reaching a hard conclusion, money will not give them happy Does this mean that money is not important? Absolutely not, please understand, Money will not make you happy, but the lack of money will definitely make you unhappy.

So what is the answer, "Why are you here, what should I do, and what makes me happy?" It is different for every person. The good news is that answers to the people are the same. The answer includes balance in 3 main areas … Financial, physical and personally.

Financial. Implement strategies that create peace of mind. Pay the percentage of your possessions in your knowledge of vehicles and will not lose the amount. Get rid of your mind of what success will succeed you. Do you know that your minimum numbers survive, live in your budget, and understand that the larva always wins the pensions?

Physically. How does the years pass, and our muscle mass? The only true equalizer that we all agree is the time … we have 24 hours a day. We are not, but all have the same energy. The above rules are defined above, determine your goals, invest time in your health, set the plan and start your confidence and energy level.

Personally. Working through a range of questions, answers, and good timeshare can help you identify your strengths. We all got unique abilities and gifts, start working on you, and your life will be more perfect.