It is a great line between pleasure and pain

PLAY rapidly becomes subtle. Like time, my wife was playing with our boy because she slept in sleep. He was so tired, his small body and mind were few to handle a few fine cakes. There were measles and infectious laughter fragments. But when he was enough, laughter soon became teary. Could it be almost predictable?
There are times where I almost jumped on my stomach, but in order to correct the movement instinctively, I avoid injuries and pain.
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It is a good line between good fortune and misery.
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When we accept this vital truth, seeing a good fortune as a blessing and not seeing an affliction as a curse, we begin weighing the balance in life. And life is very balanced.
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There are days when we all are in the sea, totally from our depth, from the low level of trust, falsifying until we pass a private moment where we can cry to God. There are days, also when nothing happens and the joys come from the stream. And there are many life experiences between these two great emotional poles.
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We have a lot of pleasure and worry for the missing, whereas we’re sorry about any pain, even before that. But pain is inevitable, just as enjoyable.
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There is such a penalty line between laughter and tears. And when we are emotionally, we can easily cede between the two.
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Understanding the overwhelming nature of life is a blessing for the emotions of this world. Scientists are amazed at what’s going on. They have a stable balance in an emotional sense that is balanced, but they can not provide an emotional response that can expect others to be able to anticipate. It is not their fault. those who are they? The feather still tends to dichotomy between laughter and tears.
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When we accept the delicate knife edge between joy and sorrow, pleasures and pains, laughter and tears, and so on, we realize that life has some kind of misfortune. This helps to achieve a balanced mentality.
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There is a penalty line between laughter and tears

When we consider the regularity of joy and fear

Managing two of them is all about life

Entrance is really beyond doubt.

It’s a great line between pleasure and pain.

© 2014 JJ Wickham.

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