Showing self-confidence and good-naturedness, arrogance

There is a line between self-confidence and arrogance. Some consider it a good line when others consider the difference of self-confidence and haughtiness to be wide open. Self-confidence and haughtiness have a similar nature. You are personally confident that you are a really absurd person. This checklist will help you to find out if you are arrogant or simply self-confident.

A self-confident person

A self-confident person acknowledges that there are forces in some forces. While the strengths are recognized and understood, the person also realizes that they have certain weaknesses and limitations, just like everyone else. A self-employed person usually manages the group's activities or issues, but he also probably encourages more involvement and closely engages other members of the group. An autonomous person also does not have the problem that he accepts that another person can do some better than he can.

An absurd man

An absurd man confesses and believes that some forces have the power to do so. An innocent person usually does not admit that he has some weakness, and at times shows his strength as a hidden or weakness hiding. In the group's activity, a proud person tries to take over the role of a leader, however, but most likely he will appeal to those who are mistaken when things are mistaken and his attitudes toward others are characterized by contempt.


Being humility is a big difference between a confident and absurd person. An Impossible person can encourage and try to appear among the best in a group where a sure person recognizes their weaknesses and comes with them.

An angry person usually has a low self-esteem or does not accept the fact that he is weak in certain areas. They reach it on their strong sides, trying to cover their weaknesses, becoming loud and superior.

Feel secure or insecure?

This is a great difference between self-confidence and arrogance. Haughty people usually feel insecure and try to cover them with anti-Turks and be sure of themselves and better than others. Suicidal people are usually not dangerous, but if they do not have a feeling of insecurity, they usually know how to deal with it and not applying negative behaviors or controversy to covering or concealing their impartiality.

If you think you can be haughty and want to be more self-confident, let's understand your weaknesses and understand that everyone has at least some weakness. Introduce your weaknesses and work to improve yourself. After all, you're like someone else. We are all human beings.

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